‘Spaceballs’ at 30: Bill Pullman Says Crew Worried Blue Screen Would Make Them Go Blind


Of all the fond memories Bill Pullman has of working on Spaceballs, explaining how the crew feared that working with a special effects blue screen could make them pass out or go blind is the tale which makes him laugh the hardest recounting.

Now a household name, the then 32-year-old actor was an unknown with only one film credit under his belt (Ruthless People) when Mel Brooks discovered him in a play called Barabbas at the Los Angeles Theatre Center. It was at that point — after Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks both turned down the lead role in his sci-fi parody — the iconic writer/director offered Pullman the part of Lone Starr.

As the beloved Star Wars spoof turns 30 (June 24), Pullman granted The Hollywood Reporter an in-depth interview to discuss his zany adventure of working with Brooks, the late John Candy’s frustrations with his costume and how Pullman’s makeup artist scolded him for not acting like a star, among other cherished memories.

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